Root Rot Academy: Term 2 & 3

completion of the root rot trilogy

january & march

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Set in All the Queen's Men universe. After finally discovering the location of her parents' killer, witch Alecto takes a job teaching herbalism at Root Rot Academy to be closer to him and take her revenge on the warlock who made her an orphan.

Only revenge is more dangerous than she expected, and nothing in life ever goes according to plan.

Professor Heroine + Professor, Librarian, Headmaster Harem

(Vampire, Fae, Warlock, respectively)

Trilogy - Full-Length


all the queen's men standalone


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After coming out the other side of her quarter life crisis, a Halloween-obsessed post-grad uses her inheritance to purchase a plot of land with the plans to turn the rotted house in the middle of it into the best haunted house around.

Not realizing the house sits on top of a portal to Hell. And the local demons? They're ready to take it, no matter the cost.

Features a human heroine and a mixed harem with a vampire assassin, a damaged cat shifter, and a newly fallen angel. Full-length standalone.

Bloodline Trilogy

may - july

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In order to protect their newly united territory, three alpha wolves must start a bloodline to cement their pack ties. Unfortunately, these lone wolves are used to being the only alpha who calls the shorts in their rich and exclusive ski chalet village, and when they realize they are all fated to the same mate, fur will fly.

And their mate? Absolutely wild.

The Damned Queen Duet

november & december

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A demon king of a lowly wrath kingdom hires a witch to find his soulmate, then kidnaps his social media maven queen. All's swell until his blood brother knocks at the front door, wild and savage as Hell itself, to claim her too. After all, what belongs to the king belongs to the warrior, including his new queen.

Evie Kent & Rhea Watson Mash-Up

Darkish Menage PNR

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