Caged Kitten

Reaper's Pack

all the queen's men, book #1

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all the queen's men, book #2

september 2020 ~ preorder on amazon

Ready to take the next step in her afterlife dream job, a reaper chooses her very own pack of unruly hellhounds to assist her in reaping more souls. Unfortunately for her, this pack already has an alpha--and he submits to no one.

Hit with a bunch of bogus charges, witch Katja is sent to an experimental supernatural prison run by a madman--and meets a vampire, a dragon shifter, and a fae who will change her life forever.

Root Rot Academy: Term 1

root rot academy, #1

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november 2020

Set in All the Queen's Men universe. After finally discovering the location of her parents' killer, witch Alecto takes a job teaching herbalism at Root Rot Academy to be closer to him and take her revenge on the warlock who made her an orphan.

Only revenge is more dangerous than she expected, and nothing in life ever goes according to plan.

Professor Heroine + Professor, Librarian, Headmaster Harem

(Vampire, Fae, Warlock, respectively)

Trilogy - Full-Length

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