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All the Queen's Men

MF, MFM, and Reverse Harem / Why Choose paranormal romances set in the same world. All the works here are standalone novels and can be read in any order. Books that take place around certain events will be flagged as loosely connected, but reading them in a specific order will only be suggested and not mandatory. Characters will make occasional crossovers and guest appearances.


General vibes: slow-burn, fated mates, and found family.

Upcoming 2024 Updates:

The All the Queen's Men series will get a slight lore upgrade as future books release. Cronus Society will be integrated into the fictional world under a new name with new rules for the secret society.

Caged Kitten, Reaper's Pack, and the Bloodline Trilogy are not included in lore updates and may have some inconsistencies from newer releases.

All books in this series will share one page on Amazon. 

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Reaper's Pack


One grim reaper. Three hellhounds who refuse to bow down to her. A monster hunting them in the shadows...


Ten years ago, I was judged worthy of life after death and returned to the mortal realm as a grim reaper. Scythe in hand, I guide souls to deliverance--and it's time for a promotion.


My new territory is triple the size of any I've worked before. High death rates mean one busy reaper, and the only way to keep up is with a pack of hellhounds. Faithful. Strong. Merciless. Hellhound shifters are a reaper's right hand in the field, shepherding and guarding souls until they can be reaped.


We get our pick of the litter from the best breeders in Hell, but for some reason, I'm drawn to the pack no one wants.


An alpha who refuses to yield.


A beta who doesn't take me seriously.


A runt who flinches at every command.


I want them--even if they don't want me.


Because the hunger in their eyes tells a different story. But the fact that they can't decide whether to love me or hate me, fight me or screw me, is making our situation way too complicated.


Still, I refuse to give up. If this infuriatingly handsome trio can't be trained, if we don't pass the trials, they go back to a cage and a cruel demon master.


Yeah. Not happening.Reapers and hellhounds are natural allies, and the sooner we secure our bond, the better, because as it turns out...


All our lives depend on it.

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