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Extinction Omegaverse

Extinctionverse romances consist of M/F, MFM / menage, and Why Choose / reverse harem paranormal romance relationships. There are standalones, connected series, trilogies, and duets within the world. World setting and basic lore breakdown is included at the front of each book/series, and while occasionally the relationships start off a little rocky, all the alphas treat their omegas like the goddesses they are.

Standalones can be read in any order. There is no set release schedule for omegaverse romances.

Contemporary omegaverse romances set in this world will be published under a different series name on Amazon. Non-supernatural alphas, omegas, and betas make up the majority of this world, so you can expect a few more contemporary reads coming your way in the future. 

Worldbuilding explanations are included at the start of every book for location clarity.

Note: Holly and her vampires will return in a standalone duet that takes place six months after the events in Mistletoe Omega.

Release TBD

Mistletoe Omega

A Holiday Novella

On a snowy winter’s eve, three vampire alphas walk into Club Mistletoe expecting a night of frivolous fun.

Gifted with a gorgeous omega by their crime lord boss, Ambrose, Kane, and Laszlo intend to make the most of it before they head home, their business on Mistletoe Isle concluded.

However, the moment Holly’s blood hits their tongues, they realize that the omega desperate for her freedom is so much more than a fling at some alpha club.

Blood bond.

The cruelest joke the gods have ever made: allowing a fated bond between a thing of beauty, a creature of life… and three ruthless monsters of death.

Mistletoe Omega is a short, steamy holiday novella. It can be read as a standalone, or, if you want the MCs to have their own full-length standalone, this serves as a prologue that ends in a HFN. Please heed the trigger list at the start of the book.


Shifter Romance Standalone

When I graduated from the Omega Academy, I had options.

Sure, as a Class-B Fertile, I’d never get top dollar from our local alpha packs, but I was the next best option after all the Class-A omegas were claimed.

Until someone else let Dad name his price.

As an omega, I always expected to be bought and sold—but not like this.

Not to a shifter breeding facility.

The men in charge want to save the tigers. With their wilder halves almost extinct, tiger shifters aren’t far behind, and the fate of their species is in my hands.


It’s absurd. It’s insulting.

But it’s my new reality.

A reality I suffer with two unbonded alpha tiger shifters who hate sharing territory—but who hate being treated like animals even more. While Luther is suspicious of me from the start, Oryn quickly takes me under his wing and shares the key to our survival.

No touching.

No mating.

No knotting.

Abstinence is resistance.

It’s worked for them before, but I’m the first omega ever forced into heat and thrown to the beasts. After years of refusing to breed with anyone, I’m the perfumed pawn sent to break these two kings.

So, we fight.

We resist.

But our captors have all the power, and no matter how hard we ignore the call, it’s only a matter of time before instinct takes over…

And we surrender to the roles we were born to play.

Sacrifice is a dark shifter omegaverse romance set in the Extinction Omegaverse world. Here, you’ll find such tropes as Hurt/Comfort, Found Family, Us against the World, and Forced Proximity. This is an MFM romance, which means two heroes, one heroine, no love triangle.

Please Note: The overall series is not “dark”, but Sacrifice has themes and scenarios leveled against the MCs that may be triggering to some readers.

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