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Evie Kent

Dark Paranormal Romance Author

Evie Kent is a dark paranormal romance author who loves a possessive anti-hero and a strong-willed heroine. She has been #teamvillain for as long as she can remember, and thinks the dark side definitely has more fun.

Her work errs toward soft dark, and features soulmate-level romances with dubious beginnings, along with a dash of angst and a dollop of kink.

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In the twilight hours of summer, he claims me. 




SURRENDER is a standalone dark paranormal romance short story set in the Lily of the Valley series.

Triggers: abduction, consensual non-consent

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I spent my whole life training to become a ballet dancer—a soloist, a star. Today, I’m a toy, a plaything, a distraction…

An offering.

A sacrifice to a caged god, to the Norse trickster.


Trapped in a cave for the sins of his past, he waits for the end of days. Modern worshippers curry favor with gifts and trinkets, spilled blood—and women like me.

Women who resemble his long-dead wife. We all have that look, you see. I’m supposed to be flattered that I remind him of a goddess in an age gone by.

Fuck that.

I’m furious.

The ones who came before me were sweet, docile, compliant—just like her. But I’m not sweet. I’m not docile, and I will never be compliant.

I am resilient. I am determined.

I am—not—drawn to him.

I will survive this.

I will survive him.

My name is Nora Olsen, and I will not die here.


To Love a God is a full-length standalone dark paranormal romance novel set in the Lily of the Valley universe. Each book in the series can be read on its own, but characters will occasionally pop up in other stories. No cliffhangers. Always a happy ending—because even villains deserve a happily-ever-after.

Triggers: kidnapping, forced proximity, dubcon

A story about a pretty king of a pretty planet.

Who loathes the crown, but loves his new queen.

Who yearns for violence and pain, but settles for flowers and filigree.

Who does his duty.

Who protects his treasure.

Who worships his bride with a rough hand and a brutal kiss.

Who doesn’t realize he’s been tricked—and is about to lose it all.

Smoke and Mirrors is a standalone dark romance set in space about kindred spirits finding each other in the unlikeliest of places. More space opera than sci-fi. Not an alien romance -- features futuristic humans on colonized planets. 18+ for violence, gore, and heat.

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!