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Evie Kent

Dark Paranormal Romance Author

Evie Kent is a dark paranormal romance author who loves a possessive anti-hero and a strong-willed heroine. She has been #teamvillain for as long as she can remember, and thinks the dark side definitely has more fun.

Her work errs toward soft dark, and features soulmate-level romances with dubious beginnings, along with a dash of angst and a dollop of kink.

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TLAG Cover.jpg

Norse mythology. Loki in chains. A ballerina desperate to find herself again. Captivity. Love. Us against the world.

A royal sci-fi romance with dark undertones. A king obsessed with his new queen. A planet on the brink of war. A dangerous secret.

A short erotic monster romance. One-shot. 90% smut, 5% feels, 5% badassery. Ends on a HFN.

Please note that Evie Kent has merged with Rhea Watson, and all future Evie titles will be published under Rhea Watson as of 2023. 

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