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all the queen's men world

reaper's pack..jpg

reverse harem, MFM, and MF paranormal romances

standalone full-length novels

same universe

can be read in any order unless specified - check blurb

sub-series: coming soon


fated in frey

(fae, mythical world)


(any and all academy-centric romances)


sons of sol

(dragon shifters)

hallowed hearts

(reapers and hellhounds)

agents of styx

(cronus society revamp)

Standalone romances

Root Rot Trilogy

academy reverse harem paranormal romance trilogy


warlock, vampire, fae harem

witch heroine

revenge, found family, warts and all

Bloodline Trilogy
1 Raised by Wolves_highres.jpg
2 Hunted by wolves_highres.jpg

Bloodline Trilogy

wolf shifter reverse harem trilogy

fated mates

alpha heroes with a wild she-wolf heroine

character & relationship growth over all three books

magic, mystery, mayhem, mythology

3 loved by wolves_highres.jpg

Caged Kitten

standalone novel

paranormal prison romance

reverse harem - mixed harem

vampire, dragon shifter, fae prince heroes

witch heroine with a loyal af familiar

fish out of water

fated mates

Caged Kitten.jpg

Extinction Omegaverse

paranormal and fantasy omegaverse romances

MFM, M/F, Why Choose

standalones, trilogies, duets

same universe

can be read in any order (unless specified)

Cronus Society
(Series Revamp Pending)

Kiss of Death.jpg

paranormal reverse harem romance series

same universe

occasional character guest appearances

standalones, can be read in any order

low stress/angst reads

secret society (sometimes good, sometimes evil)

single POV and multi POV (see individual blurbs)

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